The coronavirus pandemic is putting a strain on lots of businesses, people’s finances and their mental health. But could it also put a strain on romantic relationships?


Times of adversity can bring people closer together than ever before. Families may find themselves pulling together to make the most of a bad situation or supporting each other through sickness or the loss of a loved one.


Others may find that these testing times are the straw that broke the camel’s back and see married couples finally call time on their strained relationships.


Too Much Time Together

Divorce lawyers are used to seeing a pattern of increased enquiries for couples looking to formally separate after families spend prolonged time together. Phone lines are often busier after Christmas and Summer Holidays for example. The conditions of ‘lock-down’ can be suffocating and it is not unusual for couples to bicker and argue when spending long periods of time together. With no escape, thousands of couples are also working from home under the same roof with childcare and household chores to contend with. This can push already strained relationships to breaking point.


Re-Evaluating Life

When major events happen in life it can often give people a new perspective. Your priorities can change and sometimes your values aren’t in line with your partners anymore. Testing times can really make you feel like your relationship is under the microscope and with more time to think away from the rush of ‘normal’ life, faults can come rising up to the surface. The clear Spring skies may provide you with some clear thinking and new perspective on life. Is your partner the person you would choose to be quarantined with day in, day out? Is the relationship working when really put to the test?


Financial Strains

Unfortunately, the economic climate that Covid-19 has put the country in means that a lot of people have lost their jobs and others are having to make do with a reduced income. This can put additional pressure on families and can cause arguments and disagreements between spouses.


In Sickness & In Health

Health worries can really bring people together or pull them apart. Losing a loved one can make people see the world differently and inspire them to make changes to live life to its fullest. When people are ill, how their partner treat them or supports them can speak volumes.


Romance is Dead?

Relationships can be difficult without any romantic date nights or holidays to look forward. If you cannot be happy in a relationship that doesn’t involve socialising with others, going out to restaurants or going away together then perhaps the core elements of a romantic relationship are lacking. This can become clearer when going out and seeing others is taken out of the equation and the ‘behind the scenes’ life is all that is left to enjoy.



If a husband or wife is unfaithful in their relationship or is having a long-term affair, then the pressure of being in lock-down can make their double life even trickier to keep up with. Unfaithful couples run the risk of being found out or can be more likely to come clean when they are not able to carry on with their lives as usual.



Many people will struggle with their mental health in times of uncertainty, fear and pressure. Sadly this can create problems within relationships too. With usual outlets, such as work or gyms, taken away people may find themselves sinking into depression and facing difficulties in their relationship. Being unable to turn to friends and extended family for advice or support can make mental health problems harder to manage.


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Tips To Keep Your Relationship Alive

  • Use this time to talk to your partner about your worries and concerns, they will struggle to put things right is they are unaware of what is making you unhappy. Perhaps this difficult time could be used to mend your relationship or at least provide a chance to save it.
  • Learn something new together. There are lots of free online courses available at the moment. Learning a new skill together can bring you closer together.
  • Still take time for date nights. When leaving the house is out of the question it is important to still spend quality time together. A romantic stroll, a movie night or candlelit dinner can help you maintain some normality.
  • Take care of yourself in order to take care of your relationship. Take time to practice self-care and look after your mental well-being.

Looking For Separation Advice


If you are looking for legal advice at this time, then please get in touch with our Family Law Experts at Lamb Brooks.


We continue to work and can still offer initial appointments over the phone or via video call. We understand that it may be difficult to access advice on family matters when you are living with your partner, so please do email us if you are finding it difficult to speak and we can perhaps arrange a call or provide you with information over email.


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