It goes without saying that getting divorced can be a painful and stressful process. It can be one of the most testing times to go through in your life. But as the saying goes; “you can’t have rainbows without rain”.


Throughout the divorce process there will be several different emotions that you feel and some of them are positive feelings. Hope, relief, excitement and even happiness are all emotions that separating couples will often feel amongst some emotions that are harder to go through.


Your journey towards a new life apart is easier to navigate if you can focus on the positive and look ahead to the future.


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In this blog we share 7 top tips to remain positive and come through your divorce stronger and happier.


#1 Remain in Control


Divorce can sometimes feel like a whirlwind that you have been swept up in. It is important to take the reins, steer the separation in the right direction and be proactive. Appointing a good lawyer will help you remain on the right track. Stay on top of your emails and paperwork so that everything continues to move forward. You can take comfort in understanding the process and where you are at.


#2 Gain Independence


Leaving a relationship means that you will be on your own two feet more. Even if you were quite independent already within your marriage, you may be surprised at the newfound freedom to make decisions and support yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or support if you need it. Quite often certain jobs were down to one spouse in the relationship, be it the finances, cooking or childcare. Now may be a time to learn new skills and enjoy the confidence that it brings.


#3 Don’t Be Afraid of Change


It is important to embrace change rather than fear it. Regardless of whether the divorce was instigated by you or your spouse, it is important to accept that the relationship was not working and that these changes will be better for both of you and the rest of your family. Don’t see this change as failure, try to take the positive aspects of change along with any negative.


#4 Plan Your Future


Whether you are just at the very start of your separation or nearly through your divorce, it is good to look ahead and plan things to look forward to once your divorce is finalised. Whether it be a house move or trip away, or something smaller like taking up a new hobby, or doing more of the things you enjoy. When a relationship is over it can be easy to look back at the bad times or fester over what went wrong or what could have been. Instead focus on the future. Plan for your short-term and your long-term future. Weekend plans are fun to look forward to and can help get you through a bad week or plans for the following year can give you something to focus on or a goal work towards.


happy divorced woman looking to the future

#5 Be Yourself


Often in bad relationships people can lose who they are, or the stress of marital problems can take its toll. Coming out of a negative place means that you can get back to who you were, embrace the things you love about your personality and evolve. Whether you are rebuilding yourself, reminding yourself or reinventing yourself make sure you are doing it for you.


#6 Friends and Family


The support of good friends and family is very valuable when going through lifechanging processes such as divorce. Spending time with loved ones is helpful to take your mind off things and also it is comforting to have a listening ear or shoulder to cry on when you need it. Continue to see as much as you can of friends and family after your divorce to help re-build your life and keep busy.


#7 Stay Healthy


Taking care of your mental and physical health will help you to cope with your separation and will mean that you come out the other end ready to embrace the new chapter of your life. Sleeping well, exercising, eating healthy and minimising your alcohol intake will all help you to cope with stress better and navigate the divorce process.


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