Being made redundant is one of life’s most stressful events, and some of us are unfortunate to experience it more than once throughout our working lives.


As difficult as it may seem, as with many testing scenarios life throws at us, positives can be taken from the situation. Although you didn’t choose it, you now have a chance to re-evaluate your career goals and take on a new challenge. Many people remain unhappy at work due to fear of change or uncertainty but often people realise that redundancy gave them the push to start a fresh. So, what next?


If you have recently found out you are being made redundant you will no doubt have lots of letters, literature and documentation to read through. Ensure that you understand it and don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are calculators online that you can use to check you are being offered sufficient redundancy pay.


Assuming that your employer is within their rights to make you redundant, and that they have followed company procedures correctly and within the right timescales it is time to start thinking about what you want to do next.


Do you enjoy the industry you are already in or do you fancy a career change? What connections have you made within your industry that you could turn to for help? Have you always wanted to study or travel? Maybe this is your chance to start up your own business working for yourself? Ensure that you take time to carefully consider your options and take into account any family or financial commitments.


Start your new job search straight away. You are entitled to a reasonable amount of time off to search for jobs and attend interviews and your current employer must accommodate that.


Redundancy is a challenging time, but try not to despair. Our compassionate employment solicitors can help take care of the legal processes so that you can focus on your next move.


Our employment team at Lamb Brooks are here to help you navigate through your redundancy process and are happy to help with any unfair dismissal claims or settlement agreements. We can help bust the technical jargon and ensure that you are fully comfortable with the terms and conditions.

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