The impact of the coronavirus has had a devastating effect on businesses with over 600,000 people losing their jobs since March.


Many are worried that this number will continue to rise as the government’s furlough scheme is tapered off and businesses in the harder hit industries continue to feel the pain that this pandemic has caused.


Rolls Royce, BP, EasyJet and HSBC are just some of the household name brands who have announced large scale redundancies in recent weeks. We are sure there will sadly be many other casualties as well and, with a potential second wave on the horizon, we could see businesses struggle for the rest of this year.


Is Your Business Making Cut-Backs?


Making staff redundant is never an easy task but is sadly a cost cutting exercise that thousands of businesses are having to carry out this year. The financial blow that came with the virus means that companies of all shapes and sizes are reassessing their budgets and looking to make savings wherever possible.


When making redundancies it is important to remember that although we are going through unprecedented times, businesses still need to abide by UK Employment Law and failure to do so could result in another blow to the company’s finances by way of Employment Tribunal claims.


If you need advice restructuring your business and/or making redundancies, please get in touch with our Employment Law Team who will be able to guide you through the process.


However, if you are confident in your approach to the redundancy process,  you may wish to list a couple of local law firms for your employees to contact to save the additional stress of having to search themselves. Lamb Brooks is a recommended solicitor for a number of businesses and we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a speedy but thorough service from start to finish that is appreciated by employers and employees alike.

If you have been advised that your role has been made redundant and you have been offered a settlement agreement (sometimes known as a compromise agreement or severance package), then you will need independent legal advice to ensure the terms of your employment contract ending are fair and reasonable.


Not everyone who is made redundant will need legal advice but, if you have been asked to sign an agreement in exchange for a sum of money, you  will be advised that you will need to seek legal advice. A contribution towards your legal fees will usually be offered by your employer and forms part of the settlement package.


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Our office is open for clients to attend but we are also continuing to work remotely via video call and email.


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