Whether it is a dispute with a neighbour, family member, employer or a company; conflict is a stressful time. If a matter can be resolved amicably then it is always the preferred approach. Resolving disputes outside of the court room allows for relationships to continue or be repaired after the conflict is settled, along with keeping the costs down.

Here are a few principles to follow if you wish to resolve disputes without animosity;


Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Often conflicts are built up over a number of issues, but hanging on to every little point could mean that you never reach an agreement. Be prepared to let go of smaller issues and focus your time and energy on the main point of conflict.


Remain calm and respectful.

However much you disagree, attack the argument not the person. It isn’t uncommon for emotions to run high but conflicts are unlikely to be resolved when parties let their anger get the better of them. It is difficult to remain rational and compromise without remaining calm.


Have an open discussion.

Often conflict is maintained because there is no open communication. To get anywhere, both parties need to listen to each other’s concerns and constructively debate matters in order to understand the other parties view point.


This is an obvious point but frequently neglected. You are far more likely to resolve and move on from an issue if you allow some comprises. It may be a bitter pill to swallow, but making some allowances can improve your chances of winning on other matters.


Be creative.

There are less confrontational alternatives to attending court. Mediation, negotiation, arbitration or adjudication are all forms of dispute resolution that are often less stressful, more amicable and potentially lower in cost.

Of course there are some instances where a peaceful resolution isn’t achievable and matters do need to be taken further. Our experienced Dispute Resolution team at Lamb Brooks are skilled in all forms of dispute resolution. Whether it is guiding you through mediation and negotiations or fighting your case in the High Court.


If you or your business has a conflict that you need assistance in resolving please speak to our friendly team who will happily have an initial conversation to determine which options would be best for you.


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