In this article we shine the spotlight on Jill Lipscombe a Solicitor our litigation team at Lamb Brooks who has worked at the firm since 1 October 2020.


Jill qualified in 2010 and has a broad range of litigation experience dealing with contentious probate, property litigation, contract and intellectual property disputes and County Court cases.  Jill is experienced at using alternative dispute resolution including mediation to successfully reach a resolution in her clients best interests.


What a Typical Day Might Look Like for Jill


First Thing

The start of day always involves making a decent coffee first thing.  I then will check my diary, deadlines and emails to be able to prioritise the day.


Mid Morning

A second cup of coffee is made and often I will have a number of telephone calls and potentially a meeting either virtually or in person with clients.  Following up from these I will prepare draft letters and court papers for approval.



I try and get out for some fresh air and go for a walk when possible.  While working from home I sometimes will do some yoga in my lunch break.



In the afternoon I might speak to Counsel about ongoing claims and up coming court proceedings and then engage in settlement negotiations on behalf of clients.


Late Afternoon

Definitely time for a cup of tea.  I’ll send out any letters or pleadings that have been approved by clients and chase any outstanding matters I am waiting to hear back on.



When I am physically in the office I will often leave around 5.15pm but it’s not unusual to check emails again later in the evening.  I enjoy cooking and like trying new meals so often I will spend an hour or so in the kitchen in the evening before watching Netflix and maybe doing some knitting.


An Interview With Jill Lipscombe


What is it like to work in Litigation?

It’s always busy as there are constantly deadlines of the court to be met.  The workload is extremely varied and it is extremely satisfying when a dispute is resolved to enable the client to be able to move forward.


Did you know from a young age that you wanted to be a lawyer? What was your childhood dream job?

I knew from about 13 that I wanted to be a lawyer.  My dad took me on a day out to Winchester Crown Court when I expressed an interest and I still remember the first case I ever saw in real life which was a criminal case about a get away driver following a robbery at Wimpey!  When I was very small my dream job was to be a sandwich maker – I thought people might share my taste at the time for tomato ketchup sandwiches!


If you were not working in the legal profession, what would you do?

I would like to write a novel or maybe my own cookbook, although I’d probably leave out ketchup sandwiches these days!


What made you decide to specialise in Litigation?

I enjoy the satisfaction of resolving disputes and enjoy attending court on behalf of my clients.  Litigation is busy and demanding but extremely rewarding as well.  My family think I’m suited to it as I do like to win an argument.


Were there any other areas of law that you particularly enjoyed when studying?

Employment law was the other area of law I most enjoyed when training.  Employment disputes are very similar to civil litigation matters which is why I probably enjoyed them both.


What kind of legal matters are you working on at the moment?

A mixture of probate disputes, property disputes, Court of Protection cases and commercial disputes.


How do you prepare yourself for a busy day?

I always have a list on the go.  The nature of litigation is that the list is constantly changing as urgent matters always crop up.  The hope is that I have crossed off more than I have added to the bottom by the end of the day.


Which 3 people, dead or alive, would you invite to a dinner party?

Michelle Obama, Vera Brittain and David Attenborough seem like a good combination who I would definitely be able to learn lots from.


Describe your typical weekend…

My current weekends are generally made up of going for a walk in the country and doing DIY or gardening.  Pre-lockdown my weekends weren’t that much different except there would usually be a pub stop on the walk and we would go visit family and friends.


What have you enjoyed most about your experience working at Lamb Brooks so far?

I have loved how welcoming the whole team have been.  I feel like I’m already surrounded by friends.


What advice would you give someone considering a career in law?

Make sure you are organised and focused.  Get experience working in different areas of law while you are studying as this will help you make decisions on what to study and what sort firm you would best be suited to in the future.


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