Last year the Private Client Department at Lamb Brooks pledged to give something back to the older community of Basingstoke. This took the form of Tea Dances, which have been a great success.


Our 4th tea dance was a ‘sell-out’ held on 11 July. Guests enjoyed a selection of different ballroom and latin dances to take part in, along with some known sequence dancing which filled the floor! After the dancing all enjoyed an afternoon tea of sandwiches, savories and delicious cakes.


Our tea dances take place throughout the year at St Michael’s Church Cottage in the town centre, from 2pm – 4pm. Tickets are just £2 each and this includes dancing, drinks and afternoon tea. Many attend to dance and some just to enjoy the music, watch and have some company. Ticket sales and raffle profits all go to our local Age Concern charity.


Dancing has many benefits for the elderly including;

  • Can help significantly reduce levels of stress, anxiety and insomnia
  • Improves strength
  • It can improve stiffness and discomfort
  • Offers a low-impact excerise to gently raise your heart rate
  • Can help stave of dementia by triggering memories, patterns and quick decision making
  • It is something you can do in spite of many health issues
  • Provide a social environment

“One of the best things about our tea dances and what has been a factor of their success,” says Hannah Perryman of Lamb Brooks, “is the way they bring people together that might usually be feeling lonely at home. You do not need a spouse or dance partner, in fact many of our guests are unfortunately widowed or widowers but we make sure that everyone has a chance to dance with a partner if they wish to”.


You do not need to be Ginger Rogers or Fred Astaire – just a pair of comfortable shoes and some change for the raffle is all you need! We have people of all abilities who enjoy the dancing.


Our upcoming tea dances are as follows;


Halloween Tea Dance – Wednesday 31 October – 2pm-4pm

Christmas Tea Dance – Wednesday 12 December – 2pm-4pm


For further information or to book tickets before they sell out – please contact our Head of Marketing, Hannah Perryman on 01256 305525.