You will have seen and read in the media lately about the growing concern for the amount of plastic products that are ending up in our oceans, littering our planet, impacting  animals and our natural environment.


Today (5 June 2018) is #OnePlasticFreeDay and campaigners against plastic pollution are hoping millions of people around the world join in what they say is the world’s first plastic free day. The hope is that millions of people are inspired all around the world to avoid plastic packaged food and drink products for 24 hours to mark World Environment Day.


The Lamb Brooks offices in Basingstoke have green plans high on the agenda to improve the way they work, recycle and use energy on a daily basis. But to mark World Enviroment Day and take part in the campaign against plastic the office went ‘plastic free’ and banished the use of plastic cups and other products.

“We can all do our bit by thinking a bit more about our plastic consumption – simply popping out to lunch you may acquire a plastic bag or 2, a coffee cup lid, plastic fork and other unnecessary plastic packaging”. Commented Hannah Perryman, Head of Marketing at Lamb Brooks. “Lots of these are avoidable if you plan ahead – take a re-useable shopping bag, use a flask, metal cutlery and check packaging before you purchase.”


If you would like your very own ‘LB’ shopping bag (as pictured) please contact our Head of Marketing, Hannah Perryman at hannah.perryman@lambbrooks.com or comment on our social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.