Small businesses are the backbone of the UK’s business economy, driving growth, nurturing talent and giving high streets up and down the country some individual spark.


At challenging times like this where most customer-facing businesses have been forced to close their doors or very quickly adapt, they are facing the biggest threat in history.


At the moment there is no clear guidance on when social-distancing rules will be relaxed, and small businesses could face months without their main source of income. Now is a time where everyone can try to do their bit to support their local small businesses. Whether that is your local artisan gift shop, a local hairdresser, an independent florist or your favourite high street restaurant.


Here are some small things that you can do to help support your local entrepreneurs and independent business owners.

  • Follow them on their social media accounts.
  • Interact with their posts – likes, shares and comments will help their content reach a wider audience.
  • Leave them a Google review. These are gold dust to help small businesses boost where they rank on Google searches.
  • Send them a testimonial for their website content.
  • Still shop with them – even if the transaction may seem small.
  • If your local café or restaurant is offering takeaway services, then treat yourself.
  • Consider buying gift vouchers so that business receive some income, you can then treat yourself later in the year.
  • Tell your friends and family about them

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  • If you owe money to a small business then pay them promptly to keep their cash flow moving.
  • Send them a message of support.
  • Consider leaving them a larger tip that you usually would if you can afford to.
  • Postpone your appointment rather than cancel.
  • If your local gym or classes are cancelled join in your local instructor’s home workout programmes or online classes to help support instructors and PTs who are often self-employed.
  • Try to use an independent or small business for anything that you need during this tough time.
  • Check if your local independent shops are trading online, via Ebay or Etsy.
  • Sign up to their newsletters.

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