July is Independent Business Month and a chance to celebrate and showcase local businesses of all shapes and sizes. It is also an opportunity to remember why it is important to support our local shops, eateries and businesses to keep the local economy alive and attract new ventures to open.


At Lamb Brooks we are incredibly proud of our history. We have been successfully operating in Basingstoke for over 230 years as an independent business and currently have 65 members of staff working across two offices in the Town Centre. Most of our staff live in or around Basingstoke, many having lived and worked here all their lives. Being passionate about our home town definitely gives us an advantage over other law firms as we know the area so well – be it from a residential property perspective or from a business point of view.


We took part in a series of videos organised by the Basingstoke Improvement District (BID) which each show a glimpse into the history and quirks of some of the finest independent businesses the town centre has to offer.


How much do you know about Lamb Brooks? Do you know what our Victoria House office was used for in the 70’s?


Take a look at our short video interview with our Managing Partner, Andrew Lowe…


10 Reasons to Keep it Local

  1. Local businesses are the backbone of our economy – you are helping your neighbours rather than lining the pockets of large corporations
  2. When you shop at and invest in local businesses you are helping them thrive which creates more local job opportunities
  3. By buying from local businesses you are supporting our Great British Entrepreneurs – a vital part of our economy
  4. Shopping locally is much more enjoyable, often less stressful without the need to travel, trawl the internet or large department stores
  5. Local businesses often provide a much better quality of service and will go above and beyond to assist you
  6. Local high streets are home to more creative, quirky and diverse shops
  7. They help build community identity and spirit
  8. Local businesses invest more into charities and community projects
  9. It is more environmentally friendly to use local businesses. Small, local businesses tend to support each other creating a much smaller carbon footprint.
  10. It’s fun – shopping locally is a much more enjoyable experience.