Medical negligence is a real issue that affects thousands of individuals across the country each and every year. Classified as the provision of substandard care by a medical professional, particularly in cases that lead to injury or the worsening of an existing injury, this area of law is one that the Lamb Brooks team is well versed in.

Our medical negligence solicitors serve clients in Andover, Hampshire and beyond with a sincere commitment to excellence and support.  With our assistance, many of our clients have successfully claimed for medical negligence against companies, individuals and healthcare professionals or providers.

The Lamb Brooks difference

Medical negligence cases are usually serious by nature. A person’s health is of profound importance, and it is the committed duty of Lamb Brooks to ensure that any person who has been unfairly treated receives the compensation they need to continue their life with dignity and opportunity.

We employ over sixty trained professionals to achieve just this. If you require the support of medical negligence solicitors in Andover, Hampshire, we want to help you. Whether you are the victim of medical misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment or surgical mistakes, you may rely on our dedication and contemporary knowledge of all law surrounding this issue.

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