Employment law is a detailed subject that is well served by the support of a trained employment solicitor in Andover, Hampshire and across the UK. This area of law is particularly important to businesses, often involving assets and individuals who are invaluable to the daily operation and continued growth of a business.

It’s also relevant, however, to an individual. Companies are not always fair or appropriate to the law in their dealings with staff, and in the 200 years of Lamb Brooks’ service to the UK we have seen and resolved many instances where a staff member or prospective employee has been unfairly treated.

Giving you a voice

In scenarios such as these, the help of an employment solicitor is vital. When a dispute occurs with an employer or employee, it is often the case that the full extent of applicable law is hidden or obfuscated for the benefit of the other party.

By having full and contemporary knowledge of all areas of law relating to employment, our solicitors in Andover, Hampshire and beyond ensure that our clients are fully aware of the law as applies to their dispute. This makes a marked difference in the resolution of their issues, helping them to achieve a favourable outcome or compensation that reflects employment law properly and fairly.

Our assistance is yours

We are here today to help support you through your issue. To arrange the service and support of our employment solicitors in Andover, Hampshire, please get in touch by navigating to our contact page.

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