For over 200 years, Lamb Brook has provided support and legal guidance to couples who are navigating a divorce. This is an exceptionally challenging period in the life of any adult, making the professional and understanding support of a specialist a benefit indeed.

We will help to ensure that your negotiations and proceedings are done in adherence to the law, avoiding and minimising the risk of any arrangement that is not legally binding. Whether you are initiating a divorce or are working with your partner to conclude one requested by them, the help of our divorce solicitors in Fleet is tangible and valuable.


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We have dedicated ourselves to helping adults who need divorce solicitors in Fleet. The help of an impartial expert is truly decisive at a time like this, providing an impartial third party through which to communicate and settle your assets and affairs.

This makes the process of legal separation easier in terms of stress while also ensuring that any assets and valuables that are split between you and your partner are done so fairly. From decades of experience as divorce solicitors in Fleet, we see time and again how valuable this is in avoiding any unpleasant issues further down the line which may progress into legal proceedings.

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The team is here and keen to support you during this time in your life. Call us on 01256 844 888 or email us today on enquiries@lambbrooks.com.

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Rob Parker

Partner & Head of Family Law Team