The ending of a marriage or civil partnership is understandably difficult for everyone involved. In addition to any emotional issues that may arise, it’s also a legal affair that must be settled appropriately and decisively. This is where Lamb Brooks helps couples separate properly in Andover, Hampshire and the wider United Kingdom, offering a service that is tactful, considerate and fair.

Our support helps you and your partner to move on amicably and quickly. In over 200 years of service to the UK through our legal services, we have found time and again that the support of a divorce solicitor is mutually beneficial, helping to avoid costly and extended legal disputes that may occur without the guidance of a legal professional.

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The combined experience of decades of service is available to individuals requiring divorce solicitors in Andover, Hampshire. We encourage you to consider the hire of a legal professional in the resolution of your dispute or formal separation; we have seen time and again the gratitude of our clients for a resolution fairly reached in a difficult time.

Lamb Brooks employs over 65 specialist solicitors. Available on short notice and sincere in their efforts to help, they form the core of our company. We are proud indeed to employ such experts and are confident in the true value they provide to our clients in Andover, Hampshire and beyond each and every month.

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