It can be challenging indeed to get through the ending of a marriage or a civil partnership. Navigating each step of the way can be difficult without professional help; Lamb Brooks is dedicated to providing just that in the best and most beneficial manner possible for our clients.

For Alton, Hampshire and beyond, our divorce solicitors are committed and proud of their service excellence. We have worked with clients from every walk of life and circumstance, giving us a depth of experience that is unbeatable for an individual seeking a divorce solicitor in Alton, Hampshire.

Our principles are simple: provide sincere, friendly and understanding support that is grounded in exceptional skill and understanding of the legal processes surrounding divorce and separation in the UK.

Our support is yours

We’ve worked with Alton, Hampshire clients and many more across the UK for over 200 years. Our teams are filled with specialists who are knowledgeable, tactful and effective. Whether your issue is relating to financial disputes surrounding your assets or properties or involves overseas investments, trusts and businesses, we can help.

With over 65 specialist divorce solicitors available for Alton, Hampshire and UK clients, we’re a premier and trusted choice for those who seek to reach a swift, fair and favourable conclusion to their legal issues and proceedings.

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Rob Parker

Partner & Head of Family Law Team