For over 200 years, Lamb Brooks has provided professional mediation as trusted dispute solicitors in Newbury.  Our professional commitment to service excellence shines through, showing to every client just how dedicated we are to providing a contemporary and effective service at an affordable price.

With our support, your legal issues will be skillfully and safely represented and argued in any dispute you may have. The support of a dispute solicitor in Newbury is decisive, helping you to portray your argument in a convincing way that also adheres to the spirit and letter of the law. The support of a professional in this context makes for the resolution of your affairs in an amicable, friendly way.

Risk removed

Disputes can be difficult processes to navigate. Legally speaking, it can be hard to identify your rights and where reasonable negotiation lies. Arguments can become heated, making it even more challenging to reach a fair resolution.

Lamb Brooks helps to remove much of the risk and uncertainty associated with any form of legal dispute. We’re trusted dispute solicitors in Newbury and we are proud to have assisted individuals, families and businesses for over 200 years.

To contact us today and request the support of a Lamb Brooks dispute specialist, please visit our contact page where you may find phone and email information for the team.

Key Contacts

Robert Finlayson

Partner & Head of Dispute Resolution

Jill Lipscombe

Associate Solicitor