The Lamb Brooks team have been trusted as the leading providers of skilled dispute solicitors in Alton, Hampshire and the UK for over 200 years. We know that legal disputes can vary and that as a client you have the fair need for exceptional experience and knowledge in the dispute solicitor you hire.

Lamb Brooks has specialists in all forms of legal issues and disputes within the UK. A Lamb Brooks dispute solicitor is able to help to structure your resolutions and settlements fairly provide you with a result that is favourable and appropriate to the context of your dispute.

How we help

Our support can be provided to many scenarios, from contract litigation and employment-related issues through to commercial or business resolution and employment duty complications. The Lamb Brooks team helps clients every week to resolve their Alton, Hampshire issues with expert dispute solicitor support.

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We are here to provide sincerity, skill, care and attention in our service to you. To speak to us today about how we can help resolve your disputes quickly, visit our contact page. We await your message and are keen to serve you as best as we can!

Key Contacts

Robert Finlayson

Partner & Head of Dispute Resolution

Jill Lipscombe

Associate Solicitor