Conveyancing is a serious affair and is an area deeply familiar with the Lamb Brooks legal team. For over 200 years we have served Andover, Hampshire and beyond with skilled support and a sincere commitment to our clients and their issues.

Buying and selling a property in any manner or capacity is a lengthy affair and is a subject where our conveyancing solicitors are ideally suited to help. Whether in Andover, Hampshire or any other area of the UK, our skilled service is designed to reduce risk and bring your conveyancing needs to an ideal resolution.

Here for you

Our many decades of experience have given us a real insight into the challenges faced by any individual when conveyancing is required. The sale or purchase of any property in Andover, Hampshire can be complex and is often fraught with unexpected costs and delays.

The insight and experience of our conveyancing solicitors eliminate much of this risk, turning an uncertain and often challenging process into a predictable, smooth and straightforward set of tasks and steps. With our support, you will benefit from a well-proven process of conveyancing and will be protected from potential issues before they develop and threaten your transactions.

A team behind you

Whether you wish to transfer the legal title of property to another, or are seeking the granting of a mortgage, Lamb Brooks is here to provide a committed team of sincerely enthusiastic conveyancing solicitors.

With deep knowledge on the branch of law relating to the preparation of documents for conveyancing, we simultaneously protect you from risk and increase your chances of an optimal and favourable outcome.

If you feel we may be of assistance for your conveyancing needs in Andover, Hampshire, please do not hesitate to contact us by visiting our contact page.

Key Contacts

Sheena Aston

Partner & Head of Property Law Team

Jeanette Frangou

Conveyancing Executive