For over 200 years, Lamb Brooks has been trusted as the go-to source of expert conveyancing solicitors for properties in Alton, Hampshire Hampshire. The process of buying and selling any kind of property is known for its complexity; an area we excel in!

Our conveyancing experience is trusted across the country. With our dedicated and sincere support, your purchase or sale will be quick and stress-free.

With you all the way

One of the chief challenges faced by individuals seeking conveyance in Alton, Hampshire Hampshire is the numerous steps that are involved in the sale or purchase of any property. Our experience in this subject has helped homeowners in Alton, Hampshire for over 200 years.

By employing a team of conveyancing specialists, Lamb Brooks helps its clients at every single stage of your property transaction. Our deep experience in these affairs helps us guide you to an easy conclusion and is invaluable in identifying potential pitfalls before they become challenging issues.

Our help is yours

A conveyancing expert and the team behind them are invaluable. From start to finish, our oversight of your transactions will help to mitigate and minimise the risk commonly associated with such a process in Alton, Hampshire, Hampshire.

Our communication is also prioritised; we’ll let you know how things are going every step of the way and are happy to take the reins of your process as much as you desire for your convenience. Similarly, we are happy to offer our expert advice on how to best process any part of your transaction.

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Key Contacts

Sheena Aston

Partner & Head of Property Law Team

Jeanette Frangou

Conveyancing Executive