Lamb Brooks has served the country for over 200 years, offering expert advice in particular as leading commercial solicitors in Basingstoke covering Winchester. With a focus on a caring, understanding approach, we offer our legal expertise and advice to help you navigate any complex legal disputes or scenarios you may find yourself in.

In the modern age, life moves fast, and we know full well the time that can be saved by having the services of an expert solicitor at hand. It means less stress, faster resolution and commonly confers cost savings due to the avoidance of lengthy disputes and court proceedings.

Where and how we can help

Commercial litigation covers a wide range of scenarios but commonly relates to civil disputes around unfulfilled contracts, unpaid obligations and other business-related concerns. These matters, if conducted alone, can often drain significant time and resources from both parties involved.

It is our mission, therefore, to offer a service to the UK business community that is swift, fair and of legal integrity. In this way, we help to bring your business back on track and to help you swiftly resolve and move on from scenarios that would be lengthy and costly otherwise.

We promise to help

Our understanding and compassionate team are here to support you and to help guide your issue to a fair resolution. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our clients and we are eager to learn more about how we may assist you directly.

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Key Contacts

Alec Brooks

Partner & Head of Company & Commercial