For over 200 years, we’ve served Alton, Hampshire clients with expert advice. As a leading solicitor for commercial property matters, we have grown based on word of mouth and a clear focus on client advocacy and care. Our experience and expertise are at hand to help guide you through your legal disputes – and to reach an ideal conclusion once your matters are settled.

Our service is valuable. In a fast-paced modern world, we stand apart in our offering of a service that is swift, accurate and affordable. This benefits you beyond simply achieving ideal outcomes; we help to reduce the stress associated with legal disputes and proceedings, and our expertise helps to save you costs while your dispute is handled.

Our help

Our commercial litigation is grounded in decades of experience. We are capable of aiding you across a variety of different situations and scenarios. Of particular skill is our ability in helping to resolve and settle civil disputes that involve unpaid obligations and contracts. Without expert help, these matters can drag on and take up large amounts of your time – not ideal for either party.

An investment in the support of Lamb Brooms is an investment that pays dividends. With our help, we will resolve your legal issues quickly and affordably. It’s what we do.

Our promise

Knowing that a legal dispute can be stressful and complicated alone, we promise to help support you legally and in a way that lifts as much of the emotional burden of a legal issue as possible. We build genuine relationships with our clients and are proud to be referred by word of mouth by those we have worked with in the past.

To contact us directly and discuss your need for a commercial solicitor in Alton, Hampshire Hampshire, please navigate to our contact page.

Key Contacts

Alec Brooks

Partner & Head of Company & Commercial