Dealing with sickness and absenteeism in the workplace is an unavoidable element of running a company and can have a detrimental effect on you, your business and your workforce.


Lamb Brooks’ Employment Department is highly experienced in dealing with sickness absence and related issues, such as sick pay, PHI benefits and disability discrimination. We understand that such absences can be extremely disruptive to your business and dealing with these incorrectly can expose your company to the risk of an employment tribunal claim.


Whether the absence is recurrent, long-term, or related to a physical or mental disability, we can provide you with the strategic advice you need to efficiently manage the situation. If the situation doesn’t improve or a return to work is not foreseeable, we can advise and support you to follow a fair capability dismissal process.


If you have any sickness absence or disability concerns affecting your business, call our Employment Department today.

Key Contacts

Karen Bristow

Partner & Head of Employment Law

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