In order to ensure our clients’ commercial priorities are properly reflected, whether preparing bespoke terms and conditions, corporate policies or business contracts, we work closely with our clients to ensure that we fully understand their business needs and approach to commercial situations and altercations. We do not apply a one size fits all approach and recognise the importance of tailoring documents for the client.


It is important for every business to have a clear and robust set of terms and conditions that they are able to rely upon for both the purchase and supply of goods and/or services. We recognise that no two businesses operate the same and therefore every set of terms and conditions are unique to that business, taking into account and ensuring compliance with any industry practice or regulation, consumer regulations and e-commerce sales.


We can also assist with the preparation of website and e-commerce terms and conditions and policies, as well as assisting with compliance matters such as Data Protection issues including GDPR.


Case examples:

  • Setting up a bespoke website selling portal for both retail and wholesale of products and services.
  • Licensing exclusive rights to conduct an online auction room business in parts of Europe.
  • Setting up online terms and conditions for indirect marketing campaigns i.e. product competitions.
  • Preparing and negotiating the contracts and settling the terms for an online e-skills children’s learning programme which has since been rolled out across the UK.

Key Contacts

Alec Brooks

Head of Company & Commercial

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