If you are a business with an existing EU or international presence, or a business with the desire to develop and grow into EU or international markets, the Lamb Brooks commercial team is able to provide access to a variety of EU and International legal services.


For those wishing to trade overseas for the first time, our experience and support network will help your business through many of the situations you will face. Alternatively for those businesses trading in established markets and requiring additional support, Lamb Brooks is able to proactively work with in-house legal teams.


As a firm we are a member of Eurojuris International, the leading network of law firms in Europe. Our membership of Eurojuris allows us access to a network of law firms across Europe, covering 610 different cities and locations in 16 different countries.

"Alec has served as outside counsel for TaylorMade for over a decade and regularly advises the company on all sorts of commercial matters. He is quick to respond, efficient, and has the special ability to communicate with both TaylorMade's American lawyers based in California and also directly with the business groups located in TaylorMade's Basingstoke office, as well as with its various employees distributed throughout Europe. "

Sierra Brandis

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