All employees should receive a written statement of their employment particulars within two months of starting work. This does not necessarily need to be a standard employment contract, but we would advise that it takes this form. Having robust employment contracts and up to date policies and procedures in place will not only help to protect your business, but can also be an important management tool and method of communicating expectations to employees.


A common failure of many businesses is to neglect their contractual documentation and policies until they find themselves on the wrong side of an employment tribunal claim, by which stage it is often too late. Equally, many businesses find themselves in difficulty when they discover that the contracts that they have either pulled off the internet, asked a non-legally qualified individual who maybe lacking the knowledge in employment contract law to draft, or prepared themselves, are inadequate.


Business owners know that their client base and confidential information is often vital to the company’s success. It is for this reason that it is crucial to ensure that key contractual terms, including post-termination restrictions, confidentiality clauses and intellectual property provisions are properly drafted by a qualified lawyer.


The Lamb Brooks Employment Department located in Basingstoke, Hampshire is experienced in preparing and updating contractual documentation to fit employers’ needs and adequately protect their business.


If you would like to have a health check undertaken in respect of your existing documents, then contact the Lamb Brooks’ Employment Law Department today.

"Global Service Group relies on Lamb Brooks not just for faultless legal advice but also because of their commercial understanding of our business. In particular, their Employment and Litigation teams' excellent support has not only given us a significant financial advantage but also enabled us to bid on complex contracts with confidence. I have no hesitation recommending Lamb Brooks as a trusted business partner."

Rob Berringer

Key Contacts

Karen Bristow

Head of Employment Department

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