We work effectively and collaboratively with developers in the acquisition, development and subsequent letting and/or sale of residential, commercial or mixed use developments.


The legal documents covering the construction aspects are often important, and we can coordinate the preparation or review of these, in order to provide the reassurance that buyers or tenants require.


Our experience spans conditional contracts, option agreements, pre-emption agreements, land promotion agreements and our clients range from first time to experienced developers. We support the less experienced through the process, advising in plain English and protecting our clients’ interests.


We are committed to providing practical, commercially focused legal advice and services, working closely with our clients to deliver effective conclusions to development projects.


If you have a development that you are looking to progress, please speak to our team for further information.

Key Contacts

Viv Whiteaker

Associate Solicitor

Bryony Dew

Associate Solicitor

Melanie Roberts

Associate Solicitor

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