When running your business you might find yourself in a dispute where the other party wants to start legal proceedings or is threatening to take court action against your company. If you receive a letter or a court claim form it is essential that you seek legal advice as soon as possible. Delaying matters can only lead to further problems.


The Lamb Brooks Dispute Resolution team can provide you with straight-forward advice and explain the options available to you.


In addition to giving you advice on how to respond to a claim, the Lamb Brooks solicitors can draft correspondence, act on your behalf, put together your defence evidence, reports and instruct Counsel.


We have vast experience in all forms of dispute resolution, so we can offer you less confrontational alternatives, such as mediation, negotiation, arbitration or adjudication. These methods are often less stressful, more amicable and potentially lower in cost than court proceedings.


There is no escaping the fact that defending a claim made against your business is a stressful time, but our solicitors strive to minimise that stress by making your case our priority and keeping you regularly updated throughout the process.

"Very welcoming, informative and professional. Successfully helped me to resolve and move forward from an unpleasant dispute. Will definitely use Lamb Brooks Solicitors again in the future"

Simon, Hampshire

Key Contacts

Robert Finlayson

Partner & Head of Dispute Resolution

Jill Lipscombe

Associate Solicitor

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