No matter how careful you are, it is almost unavoidable that you find yourself in dispute with someone who can’t – or won’t – repay a debt. On a personal level, this can be extremely worrisome and cause stress in broader aspects of your life.


The Lamb Brooks Dispute Resolution team has great experience in recovering debts in the simplest, most effective ways.


As a last resort, should court action be needed, we will issue promptly and claim interest and costs. Where there is no defence, we will take action to obtain judgment and will advise you of the many ways to enforce that judgment against the debtor’s assets. This can take the form of bailiff action, placing legal charges over properties or taking payment from the debtor’s wages.


We can also represent you when individuals or companies are making claims for debt payment against you. Our dispute team can either assist with the correspondence in dealing with your debt issues, or they can recommend you to specialist practitioners who can help you through the process. Our services can include responding to debt collection letters or statutory demands, advising on voluntary arrangements, or providing bankruptcy or insolvency advice.


If you are in a situation where you are owed money, or where someone is claiming that you owe them money, we can fight your corner through a wide range of methods including, if necessary, in court.

"You may have to go a long way to find professionals that demonstrate such a high degree of care. All the team are welcoming, polite, efficient and display a sense of humour."


Key Contacts

Robert Finlayson

Partner & Head of Dispute Resolution

Jill Lipscombe

Associate Solicitor

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