When your business is buying, selling or investing in property the cost of advice is high due to its specialist nature. It is normal for a business to instruct a surveyor to provide thorough, considered and detailed advice; however, errors do happen.


If your company is purchasing or leasing a business property then there is a huge investment being made. Understandably heavy reliance will be placed on a surveyor to advise if there are any major issues to be aware of, or perhaps to ensure that an appropriate amount of rent is being paid. A failure to properly identify and advise upon such issues can massively reduce the value of the property, or find the company being bound to paying unrealistic amounts of rent for long periods of time. Likewise, if selling a business or renting out a commercial premises, and instructing a surveyor to value the commercial property as an asset, in the event that asset is significantly under-valued then the loss can be substantial.


For advice on the initial steps you need to take when making a claim against a surveyor please call 01256 844888.

"I was somewhat nervous about seeking a solicitor but Andrew made me feel completely at ease from the onset. He was friendly and approachable but equally professional and highly knowledgable. He quickly decided on the most appropriate cause of action and made me feel confident and comfortable in leaving the matter with him. The outcome was one that was highly agreeable to all parties and I would definitely recommend him to others."


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Thursday 27 June, 2019

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