With tens of thousands of solicitors and barristers working across the UK it is inevitable that sometimes mistakes are made, deadlines are missed or poor advice is given. But when their errors see your business facing fines, legal action or suffering a financial loss, these costly mistakes can have a devastating effect on cash-flow and the viability of your company in the long term.


When you instruct a lawyer to look after your business matters, whether it is company formation, writing contracts, handling litigation, selling your business or acquiring commercial property, you understandably expect a high level of client service and care.


When trust is broken you are likely to want to take action. If the errors or an oversight of a lawyer sees your business lose out financially, it can be a particularly difficult and stressful time. In the event the advice or services you were provided fell so far below the standard to be expected of a reasonably competent lawyer that it constitutes negligence, and provided you are able to show that a financial loss has been suffered as a direct result, then you may have a viable professional negligence claim.


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