19th September 2017

Breach of Contract

Aside from the express terms of any written contract between your business and employees there may be implied terms that become contractually binding by virtue of common law, custom and practice, or otherwise.


As businesses grow and develop, many companies give thought to changing their workforce’s terms and conditions. This ought to be done in the correct manner, with appropriate consideration given, in order to avoid a claim of constructive dismissal, breach of contract, unlawful deduction from wages, or a claim that the changes sought are unenforceable.


The Lamb Brooks Employment Department can provide strategic advice on what to do if an individual has breached their contract, or how to minimise your liability in the event that you do the same. If you think that a member of your workforce may have breached their contract, or you have concerns about action that you have taken or are looking to take, then contact the Lamb Brooks Employment Department today.

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Karen Bristow

Head of Employment Department

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