Motoring Offences

For most of us, the only time we have any form of confrontation with the police is when we are in our vehicles.

The growth in the number of speed cameras and the increase in the number of prosecutions for ever more technical offences puts the motorist’s driving licence and liberty at risk more than ever before.

Nigel Bourne has spent over 25 years dealing with all types of motoring cases. He regularly appears in magistrates’ courts throughout the country and he is well known for his straightforward non-nonsense approach to road traffic law.

Whilst fervently opposed to the increased regulations to which today’s motorist is subjected, he will give a quick and honest assessment of your chances of success in any particular case.

Nigel is a member of the Criminal Law Solicitors Association.

Please email Nigel with your query. This firm does not provide advice under the Community Legal Services scheme (formerly Legal Aid).

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