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The law governing the rights of employees and other workers and the obligations of employers and managers has mushroomed in recent years and there isn't the slightest sign of this process ending or even levelling off. Recent, imminent and anticipated changes include ever more complex rules concerning holiday and sick leave, potential new rules about agency workers, and of course the Equality Act 2010 - the biggest piece of employment and discrimination legislation ever created in this country.

As an employer, knowing where you stand, and ensuring your actions are well-informed, can make all the difference between a productive and contented workforce on the one hand and possibly ruinously expensive employment tribunal proceedings on the other.

As an employee, knowing your rights and how best to enforce them can help you towards the 'work/life balance' which, it sometimes seems, everyone else enjoys.

In today's world, you need the knowledge and expertise of Employment Law specialists. Lamb Brooks' employment team acts for employers and employees, 'bosses' and 'workers'. So we understand both sides of the same coin, making our advice and guidance realistic and practical.

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Solicitor - Employment Team
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