IT and E-Commerce

The internet, cyberspace, the virtual market, whatever you want to call it - it is the cheapest way of selling, promoting and marketing goods and services to a potential global market. However, it can be the most complex legally.

Laws are lagging behind the advance of technology and, with a global market, it is difficult to know which law applies. It is important to find lawyers who understand the application of traditional laws and the new e-commerce piecemeal laws. We have experience in all aspects of e-commerce.

Case examples:

  • Setting up a bespoke website selling portal for both retail and wholesale of products and services.
  • Licensing exclusive rights to conduct an online auction room business in parts of Europe.
  • Setting up online terms and conditions for indirect marketing campaigns i.e. product competitions.
  • Preparing and negotiating the contracts and settling the terms for an online e-skills children's learning programme which has since been rolled out across the UK.

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