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Not a year goes by without some new extension of employment law into the very heart of the relationship between employer and employee. Whether it's new 'family friendly' regulations, more 'work/life balance' rules, or yet another form of unlawful discrimination, it sometimes seems that just keeping up with what's changing is a full-time job.

Whether you're a small family-owned business, fearful of putting a foot wrong without even knowing you've done so (until it's too late), or a larger company's HR department needing some external professional assistance for a major reorganisation, our employment team is here to help with practical 'hands on' support - from people who understand the day-to-day business pressures you're under.

We prefer to work with you proactively, because it's always better (and much more cost effective) to get things right to start with rather than put things right afterwards. But if something's already gone wrong, we can provide practical, pragmatic advice to help you minimise the consequences.

And because we work closely with our Business Services colleagues, we can ensure that employment issues are viewed, not in isolation, but in the wider commercial context of your changing business needs.

Our employment team can not only guide you through the latest rules and regulations: we can help you with contracts, policies and 'employment handbooks' and we can assist in ensuring that recruitment (and down-sizing) programmes are fair and lawful.

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Key Contacts

Karen Bristow
Head of Employment
01256 305508
Sophie Keene
Solicitor - Employment Team
01256 305534