Competition Law

Competition law is often overlooked in commercial transactions, intellectual property, dealing with distributors or sources of supply and the merging and disposals of businesses.

We have a good understanding and practical experience in dealing with both National and EU competition laws and can advise on the complexities of the competition law framework, such as;

  • Competition Act issues in the UK, European competition issues and US anti-trust issues.
  • Price fixing arrangements, setting recommended retail prices, discounts and other potentially uncompetitive price activities.
  • Prohibitions on collaborative activities under EU Law.
  • Official enquiries from authorities on allegedly anti-competitive practices.
  • Selective distribution systems.

With the emergence of new sanctions, it is even more important for directors of companies to ensure compliance to avoid personal liability and possible imprisonment.

Case examples: the following are just three examples of where we have assisted our clients;

  • We have helped a collaborative research and development company involved with the creation of 4G (and beyond) technologies in the mobile telecoms industry, restructure its constitution and policies to avoid potential breaches of competition law.
  • We have assisted a manufacturer and supplier of prestige goods with the setting up of a selective distribution system across Europe to avoid anti-competitive practices.
  • We have provided seminars and instruction to the European sales team of a global manufacturer. This was in relation to the 'do's and don'ts' when negotiating prices and implementing pricing policies in order to avoid anti-competitive activities.

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