The Mediation Process


The process

You will initially be seen separately by a Mediator so that you can both be satisfied that mediation is right for you. If you are both happy to continue with mediation the process will be:

  • Up to five subsequent sessions can follow, depending on the complexity of the issues to be discussed.
  • The day to day care arrangements for your children will be considered at the first session along with any other pressing issues.
  • After that the finances are considered. This will involve information and documents being gathered together in an open and    co-operative atmosphere in the hope that you can find a solution that suits you both.

Please contact Julia McGuigan if you wish to discuss the process in more detail.

Before the mediation process can start we will require further information.

Please submit the following form and we will be in touch Individual referral form



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Head of the Family Department
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Associate Solicitor - Family Team
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Support - Family Team
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