Notary Services

Whether personal or in business, if you need to provide legal paperwork for use abroad you might require the services of a notary public. A notary public is a specialised public certifying officer who can verify or certify facts, events or documents.


Our Notary Public at Lamb Brooks Solicitors in Basingstoke is able to fulfil the notarial requirements of any and every necessary document. Whether authenticating contracts and powers of attorney for use abroad, verifying the existence and powers of a company, obtaining apostilles (a specific certificate) from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office or the legalisation of documents at foreign embassies, Lamb Brooks can offer you swift, meticulous service.

Working With You

The work of notary public is detailed and onerous and requires documents to be checked at great length.

We take on this work for you so that all the documents you need are legally acceptable and in line with the regulations of the Court of Faculties.

"You may have to go a long way to find professionals that demonstrate such a high degree of care. All the team are welcoming, polite, efficient and display a sense of humour."


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